Designer & Strategist currently based in Berlin.

Where I've been

I graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Design with a concentration in Graphic Design and the award of Outstanding Graduating Senior in Design. While attending university, I enjoyed classes in Web & Interactive design, Typography, Publication design, Branding, Packaging, Print Production, and Illustration as well as non-major classes like Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychology, Dance, Technical Writing, and Economics. I was an active member of the Acts of Kindness Club, and president of WWU's AIGA Student Chapter, Design Ocean, and coordinator of the 2013 Design Week.

My most recent work was with Ben Kinney Companies (a real estate tech firm) in Bellingham, WA where I began as a UI/UX Designer, and progressed through the roles of Product Owner, Product Manager, and Creative Director. Among the products I worked on were Blossor, Brivity, Active Rain, the company page and a handful of other speculative projects. It was a great experience that allowed me to become fully immersed in the product design, development, and user feedback life-cycle. Between this work, and my previous job, I found my true love in Product Ownership, User Research & UX.

What I'm doing now

I've moved to Berlin and just finished Sprachschule—für Deutsch, natürlich—and am now pursuing new work. It's my dream to live and work in Berlin with a company that cares about its users & employees as much as its bottom line.

Who I am

As a person, I like learning new skills, playing roller derby or doing yoga & Zumba, making Bow Ties, cooking and eating new food, and listening to the 20 or so Podcasts to which I'm subscribed. You could say I'm addicted to new ideas, cultures, and experiences.

Professionally, I'm a strategizer and a problem solver with a hand for the esthetically pleasing and a pension for quality. I'm interested in solutions that just as practical as they are exciting, products that will be just as relevant 3 or 5 years from now as they are today, and ideas that aim to generate positive benefits for the lives of others. I pride myself in bringing a whole team of people—with completely different roles and experiences—together to collaboratively support a product in a way that creates an engaging and productive working atmosphere, happy clients, and a successful business. I'm particularly interested projects that reach underserved audiences or your average person.

If you're looking for a user-focused strategist, and have a product/project in the field of Health, Finance, Education, Productivity, or Behavioral Modification, I would love to hear from you. But even if you don't, I'm always excited to receive new podcast recommendations!

Contact Me

SMS or WhatsApp:  (+49) 1577 7965515
Resume / CV & References:  available here